Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A

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Nesco Snackmaster Pro FD 75a
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Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator FD-75A

This Nesco food dehydrator is the perfect appliance to have if you’re planning on making your own jerky. Read on to find out why every jerky-chomping enthusiast should have one in their kitchen!


When it comes to dehydrators, the ability to dry your food goes without saying. But there are fans and then there are fans! The FD-75A is designed with a top-mounted fan which delivers an unrivaled 700 watts of dehydrating power. Most dehydrators take days to do their thing but the FD-75A will do the trick in a matter of hours.

Truly Diverse

If you’re a massive fan of jerky, you’re probably wondering why you would need to be told about drying fruit, right? Well, the FD-75A caters for everyone in the family. Wait and see just what this brilliant product can do:

  1. dried fruit, such as apple, banana, canteloupe, mango, papaya and even watermelon
  2. yoghurt
  3. trail mixes
  4. dried soups
  5. flowers and potpourri
  6. herbs and spices

This list isn’t exhaustive; you can be adventurous and experiment with other items too.

Open the Box!

So, what do I get with this product, I hear you ask? Besides a jam-packed, 52-page instruction and recipe book, you get:

  • 3 original jerky spice packets
  • 5 drying trays
  • 2 fruit roll sheets
  • 2 clean-a-screens

The adjustable thermostat gives you the flexibility to dry different foods at different temperatures, giving you the best possible result. Also, if you think that 5 trays are just not enough, you can easily upgrade to the optional 12-tray pack.

The FD-75 is exceptionally quiet. A lot of dehydrators are noisy to the point that you would need to close the door, just so you can get on with things like watching TV or even having a conversation. Not this one! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how quiet it is!

To clean this dehydrator is a doddle. You would think that fruit would leave a sticky mess on the trays but you’ll be pleased to learn that this is not at all the case. The trays are extremely easy to clean, so you won’t be spending precious time cleaning up after you’re done.

Let’s talk Jerky…

Who doesn’t like jerky, right? But what is it exactly? Well, it is well-seasoned, raw meat which is dried with no cooking whatsoever. In its finished form, jerky is a protein-rich food which bursts with flavor. It can last for weeks and even months, when dried properly. With the FD-75A, you’re guaranteed of a quality finished product.

It’s a lot less expensive doing it yourself, compared with buying it at the grocery store. Generally speaking, you’ll get about a pound of jerky for every three pounds of fresh meat.


This dehydrator is definitely a force to be reckoned with. With the versatility it offers in terms of the different food types it can handle, it’s like you’re getting multiple machines in one.

Just one word of warning, though. Dogs just cannot resist jerky! And with their keen sense of smell, you’re guaranteed to have an audience when you indulge in this super-treat.