Grass Fed Biltong Jerky Sampler

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Grass Fed Biltong
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Beef Biltong is a South African staple that has a legion of loyal followers around the World. Biltong is a unique take on traditional beef jerky, it’s seasoned beef that is cured whole and then thinly sliced across the grain into mouthwatering pieces that are easy to chew. There are three awesome flavors to choose from and they’re all sugar free and made with grass fed beef.

  • Authentic South African Style Biltong – Best Tasting and Highest Quality 100% Whole Muscle Biltong Jerky around! Includes 3 oz. of the Most Mouthwatering, Delicous Biltong You’ll Ever Have. Why Buy Biltong from Anyone but the Industry Pros? This is What We Do!
  • We Season Our World Famous Biltong with A Proven, Time Tested Blend before it’s Cured to the PERFECT TEXTURE – It’s the Ideal On-The-Go Snack! So Click ‘Add to Cart’ and Find Out First-Hand Why Most All of Our Customers are Repeat Ones!
  • 100% Lean Grass Fed Biltong – It’s also Sugar Free, All-Natural and Perfect for Paleo Diets – Choose from 3 Different Flavors of Biltong and Find Your Favorite
  • Don’t Settle for Anything Less When it Comes to Quality Biltong – One Rule of Thumb is to Avoid Jerky Made from What Seems Like 100 Ingredients that You Can’t Even Read, Stick to All Natural Beef Jerky and Know What You’re Putting in Your Body